Fava Beans (Ful)


These middle eastern beans are a wonderful source of protein. I call them the steak of the bean family. We do a very simple preparation:
1 Cup of large fava beans (called ful in the middle east)
Water for boiling
Large onion
2 Tbs cumin
1 Tbs salt (or more to taste)

Soak beans overnight. Cover with water and boil for 2 hours.
Drain and set aside.
Saute large onion to point of carmelization.
Combine cooked beans and carmelized onion with 2 Tbs cumin and salt to taste. Cover with water and simmer for another hour until the beans are sitting in a thick broth.

Serve with lemon juice and parsely. Eat them plain or over couscous, or grain of your choice.

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