Simple Summer Vegetable Lunch

Simple vegetable lunch, 15-20 minutes to prep and cook:

Steamed (in the microwave) asparagus laid over a bed of salad (lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, cabbage shreds, and toasted pumpkin seeds tossed lightly in lemon juice and olive oil and some kosher salt)

Quick sauté in olive oil of corn cut off the cob, sliced mushrooms, sliced red peppers, salt and red pepper flakes.

Set up the sauté first, then as it cooks, prep the salad and steam the asparagus, while occasionally stirring the sauté. The corn dish is unbelievably tasty.

The remainder of the asparagus bunch was left out on a plate in the center of the kitchen butcher block and was completely scarfed up by 3 15-yr-old boys as a snack.


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